A VERY NICE PLACE. presentable, and if you have questions, very knowledgeable.

John Bonvicino III

Only place around that had super worms in stock! Needed food for my bearded but also came home with a new baby crested gecko ... probably will end up back for a ball python soon

Kristen Fairchild

I had never gone here before today and was very surprised. I'm usually very wary of family/person-owned pet stores as the ones I've gone to the owners/workers are very rude and the animals are kept in horrible conditions. I walked in and immediately was surprised the reptiles were kept in amazing condition and the owner was great! I loved looking around at all the amazing animals and stuff they had. I definitely recommend petzotics and will be coming here again!

Savannah R

Awesome manager/owner. Extremely pleasant. She has a genuine love for reptiles.

Love this pet store. The owner is knowledgeable, the store is clean and healthy animals. I would recommend to anyone in the reptile hobby to check this place out.

Chris C

It's a great place to go for your reptile
needs, it's owned by one spectacular woman who takes amazing care of her animals, she also does a great job of taking care of the place all by herself

Great place for your reptile needs, with a very friendly knowledgeable staff. Stop by and take a look. It's a small place big on substance just about anything you need for your reptile it will be there or they can get it.

Scott W